0.2.2 (2024-06-13)


  • fix importing failure of some EPUBs
  • fix abnormal memory footprint when importing/exporting EPUBs
  • fix wrong horizontal writing mode when displaying a vertical EPUB

0.2.1 (2024-03-21)


  • fix library sorting options not preserved across app relaunching
  • fix some EPUBs cannot be parsed properly

0.2.0 (2024-03-08)


  • add default font
  • add support of changing column gap
  • add support for setting min column width
  • add support for letter spacing
  • add support for setting font weight
  • seperate margin header and footer
  • seperate margin side into margin start and margin end


  • fix background images are not shown for some ebooks
  • fix current location not preserved when jumping around by link
  • fix incorrect color of window buttons(min, max, close) on Windows

0.1.1 (2024-03-03)


  • fix the problem that popover of reader can’t be clicked
  • cannot delete books on macOS 11
  • fix incorrect buttons’ position of reader
  • fix a case that column count is calculated wrongly.
  • fix decoration borders color
  • fix wrong column gap